Owl with red eyes

We have our sights firmly set on the protection of your ideas

By Minerva!

From the drachmas of ancient Athens to the emblem of the “German Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology” in Munich – the owl has always been regarded as a symbol of vigilance, intelligence, and wisdom. We identify with this symbolism and keep the bigger picture in view when advising you on all questions related to intellectual property rights.

Keep an overview

Owls can turn their heads through 270 degrees, which considerably extends their field of vision.
We provide you with a corresponding overview of all kinds of property rights – patents, utility models, brands and designs, nationally and internationally.

Don’t carry owls to Athens

“Who took the owl to Athens?” the Greek poet Aristophanes is said to have asked as early as 400 BC, making fun of pointless activities. This is exactly what is meant by the German idiom “Eulen nach Athen tragen (to carry owls to Athens)” and its English equivalent, “to carry coals to Newcastle”. We help you to avoid unnecessary work and to concentrate on the essentials when dealing with property rights issues.


  • want to protect a good idea against imitators?
  • want to develop a workaround to a competitor’s existing property right?
  • want to expand your product portfolio in a targeted way?
  • want to make it more difficult for your competitors to make their product technologically closer to yours?
  • as an office, want to reduce the burden of drafting patent applications and responding to official communications?


  • file the property rights application best suited for your idea.
  • analyse the technical and legal situation and develop solutions which are viable both technologically and legally.
  • search for new embodiments and applications, working directly with you and on your instructions.
  • find suitable complements and extensions to your product, thus clearly distinguishing you from your competitors.
  • offer you our assistance based on many years of experience in all property rights issues.


When it comes to technical and constructional issues, we cooperate with an engineering firm in order to be able to offer you not only sound legal advice but also reliable technological recommendations, thus avoiding coordination problems and wasted effort.

Dr Henrik Nübold

PhD in Physics, Patent Attorney [DE]
European Patent and Trademark Attorney

The brain behind “Cabinet NÜBOLD” is Dr Henrik Nübold, whose journey has taken him from his North German home via the Southwest of Germany to the French Atlantic coast.

As a physicist, Dr Nübold carried out theoretical and experimental research on processes by which minute structures came into being in the early solar system. In the course of this work he also needed to prove his fitness to undertake parabolic flights.

As a patent attorney, Dr Nübold has 20 years of experience in all relevant areas of intellectual property rights. This includes a wide range of activities in the fields of patent and trademark law as well as in utility and design law.

Dr Nübold also possesses relevant knowledge in the fields of licensing law, law on employee inventions as well as in supporting clients in IP infringement lawsuits before ordinary courts.

He is licensed to practise at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) as well as the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and is glad to offer help and advice with any kind of intellectual property issue.

Direct contact and no need for an expensive office infrastructure – you will soon appreciate this double benefit, not least financially.

Foto von Henrik Nübold